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NARUTO Synopsis (no spoilers, so the same concerns about the order of the order of sentences)
The monster that attacked Konoha Kyuubi, but was destroyed just before, we were able to contain the Kyuubi. Or rather confined and where, NARUTO is the person named in the.
So, NARUTO was from a young age alone, the villagers had been avoided. However, since the beginning of the ninja school, teachers dolphins (always for me to order the noodles) and kindly ask them to, much longer alone. And then it was very cheerful.
The school (just like the ninja school) in a final exam when you graduate, NARUTO was just failing, somehow was able to finish using the trump card. At that time, learned the art of shadow clone. It also was in a terrible shadow clone is not average.
And to be graduating into the senior school of ninja. Where the person who will be training in groups 3. The team became a member of the Naruto and Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke perfectly.
Sakura has a crush on Sasuke, NARUTO has a crush on Sakura, Yosuke is not for NARUTO, downright not consider, Naruto is feeling the guy 気Ni入Ranee Sasuke, Sakura, Sasuke thought for a downright Tei no.
The back story, a team of Naruto, Kakashi sensei became a teacher. The contents of the training that will be taken to bridge the craftsmen building the bridge safely, and training in issues.
As a result, safe, Iketa taken to the bridge.
Then, there are people in that study was that the team wanted to test was perfect. Level of people is one of the Ninja, Priest in menial who was a rank. Of course, Naruto is at this stage is menial. So now I want to study in person during the test to become a man.
Like a survival game, so the next test, self-sufficient to survive in the jungle, take a scroll by defeating the opposing team earns a point, reached the goal, and points under review, a feeling the next exam It is.
The second exam, but often forgotten, surely, or decline it, I'll go first choice of very severe test of desperation. But this is a bluff, only those who actually have this much motivated by the feeling pass exam, must resign, so that a pass.
(But remember it later, maybe next three exam tests actually 4:00. In the next three test trials in the real one on one, Naruto won. Sasuke and won. Sakura-chan so a draw disqualified.)
The three exam-one exam in the tournament anyway, they decided opponent, so that one to one test a month later, the notion that the research or preparation or the other.
Sasuke past month intensive training at the teacher Kakashi. Naruto called, the teacher, yet teachers like hermit the frog boss, after all, he had the ability to draw students to acquire the power of Kyuubi Naruto.
In the fourth test (differences were tested during the third test) but that, Naruto managed to win the power of nine tails. Sasuke during testing, causing the bad guys and terrorists Orochi Maru, was canceled. The test is no longer far.
This incident Orochimaruno but the doing, the goal is to destroy Konoha ① (may be occupied) and ② is to catch Sasuke.
Or rather why 捕Raetai and Sasuke, and Sasuke is the bad guy (like a snake tongue dealings) had been preferred to end the relationship. In other words, the bad guy (dealings) with the blood or Hoshino Ite wants Sasuke's ability, had the body to 乗Tsu取Ro Outo 乗Ri移Tsu Sasuke.
The bad guy (dealings), I should say, that was one funny guy stretch his tongue like a snake. That guy, the other beams to kill Konoha now. Or rather tried to kill and why, even though the guy wanted to be a fourth generation of the tongue like a snake, not the fourth generation from the village as well as Ge was because it was a grudge against.
By the way, Sasuke is fired before the poison sting was weak. In the private lesson teacher Kakashi knew of the weak. , And when using the power, but used two times, using a third, since it will be quite impossible body, Shirezu might die, is prohibited.

In time of war is that Sasuke, at a stretch, I used the power of the third example. Moreover, man's companion had been swept away like a snake.
Skilled guy a good chess strategy perfectly after Sasuke and Sakura (forgot his name) followed Sasuke to help three people and a dog's nose works well with the dog speaks.

I created this page and say why they watch cartoons and anime Naruto, and as in any sense the way from the trouble. So I wrote this synopsis. I did not even hard to find a site that is written outline of the Naruto made this page. But, however, from this page Oira made, I found a site Suggoku Synopsis Naruto. So I became a beat one. So I understand the idea that more is written above, no longer Anmashi, it is not important. Therefore, the above is the end. Now, the really good sites Synopsis Naruto is as follows.
Plot of Naruto Site

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